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Pharmaceutical Factory «BIOCAD» in Strelna

II stage of construction (PK-2)

Area: 27 500 m2

Performed works: 

Design and installation of power supply system 0.4 kV.

Design and installation of weak current systems (Structured cabling network, Access control, CCTV).

Installation of Automation of ventilation systems.

Design and installation of an automation system for cleanroom gateways.

Installation of an automated process control system.

III stage of construction (PK-3)

Area: 5 200 m2

Performed works: 

Outdoor power supply and electric lighting
Power electrical equipment and electric lighting;
Security television system;
Access control and management system;
Structured cable network;
Security alarm system;
Automation of the ventilation system;
Automation of the airlock system of clean rooms.

Address: 34, Svyazi str., Strelna, Saint-Petersburg